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Picard (Henri) & Frre Ltd: Catalogue 1955
O/P. 123 pages, illus., 1955. A catalogue of Swiss watch and clock materials, and tools. A good copy, card covers now worn and marked, top of some pages wrinkled due to moisture. [French, English and German language] (Ref: K3088 - P3)

Price: 18.00

Picard (Henri) & Frre Ltd: Catalogue
O/P. A priced tools catalogue, for watch & clock makers and allied trades, probably published in the 1970's. Good copy but card covers now worn. (Ref: K4875 - H4)

Price: 10.00

Pickford (C.): Bedfordshire Clock & Watchmakers 1352 - 1880

Pickford (C.): Bedfordshire Clock & Watchmakers 1352 - 1880
O/P. 252 pages, 35 plates, 2 figs., 1991. An excellent, well researched book about the clock makers of Bedfordshire with lots of biographical information as well as a brief history of timekeeping in Bedfordshire. This book is now very hard to find. A very good copy, paperback, card covers a little marked.

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(Ref: K1358 - D1)
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Price: 125.00
Pingree (D.): Eastern Astrolabes

Pingree (D.): Eastern Astrolabes
NEW. 268 pages, illustrated, 2009. A good introduction to the "oriental" astrolabe and a detailed catalogue of the Eastern astrolabes at Adler Planetarium and Museum, Chicago. The book also has a chapter on other related instruments (including quadrants, sundials and celestial globes). This volume is the second volume of a planned series, to catalogue the Museums scientific instrument collection. (Ref: N4152)
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Price: 27.50

Pipe (R.W.): The Automatic Watch
O/P. 156 pages + 10 pages of adverts, 89 figs., 1952. The pioneers of the self-winding pocket watch (Perrelet, Breguet and Recordon) are mentioned, but the book concentrates on the early self-winding wrist watches developed from the 1930's onwards. A good copy. (Ref: K1605 - X2)

Price: 15.00

Pippa (L.): Masterpieces of watchmaking/Chefs-d'Oeuvre De l'Horlogerie/Meisterwerke Der Uhrmacherkunst
O/P. 236 pages, well illustrated, 1966. This book has good illustrations of clocks, watches and sundials, each picture with a description in English, French and German. Good copy with poor dust jacket. (Ref: K640 - G7)

Price: 20.00

Pipping (G.): The Chamber of Physics [Scientific Instruments]
O/P. 250 pages, 43 plates, 1977. A listing, with descriptions, of the instruments in the History of Sciences Collections of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm. The book also has chapters on The Stockholm Observatory and its instruments, Instrument-making in Sweden, and Biographical notes on instrument-makers. A good copy, but ex university library with a few stamps, etc., as usual. (Ref: K4507 - J1)

Price: 9.00

Platt (J.G.): Lancashire Watch Company - History and Watches

Platt (J.G.): Lancashire Watch Company - History and Watches
NEW. 528 pages, about 1000 illustrations, 2016. A well researched and definitive account of the Lancashire Watch Company and its Watches. The Company was founded in 1888 for the large-scale production of pocket watches, but after some initial success was dissolved in 1906. This book documents the rise and fall of the company, as well as its watches, and will be of great interest to enthusiasts and collectors. The book includes an analysis of the company's ledgers and reproduces sales catalogues, LWC documents and the auction catalogue from 1911 when the remaining assets of the company were sold. With dust jacket. (Ref: N3966)
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Price: 65.00

Player (J.W.): Watch Repairing
O/P. 157 pages, 4 plates, 77 figs., 1st edition, 1945. A useful book written by a respected expert. A good copy. (Ref: K245 - A1)

Price: 5.00

Playtner (H.R.): An Analysis of the Lever Escapement
O/P. 57 pages, 28 figures, 1910. Originally written as a lecture for the Canadian Watchmakers' and Retail Jewelers' Association, An Analysis of the Lever Escapement was first published as a book in 1895 and brought the author international acclaim. A very good copy, cloth worn to head and foot of spine. (Ref: K2229 - P1)

Price: 30.00

Plomp (R.): Early French Pendulum Clocks, 1658 - 1700   known as Pendules Religieuses

Plomp (R.): Early French Pendulum Clocks, 1658 - 1700 known as Pendules Religieuses
NEW. 119 pages, 214 colour illustrations, reprinted 2017. This book presents information about the Paris clockmakers who made pendulum clocks after their introduction in 1658. It also discusses the development of the French pendulum clock and includes superb illustrations (dials, movements & cases) of almost 100 clocks. On the basis of the evidence available, the author concludes that many clocks made in the 1680's were made in the workshop of Andre-Charles Boulle, the famous cabinetmaker. An excellent contribution to our knowledge of early clockmaking in France. With dust jacket. (Ref: N4316)
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Price: 35.00
Plomp (R.): Spring-driven Dutch Pendulum Clocks 1637 - 1710

Plomp (R.): Spring-driven Dutch Pendulum Clocks 1637 - 1710
NEW. 251 pages, 134 clocks illustrated, 1979. A good book showing the early development of Dutch clocks including the exchange of designs between London and Amsterdam. The book includes a chart for dating Hague clocks. With dust jacket. (Ref: N246)
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Price: 50.00

Pollard (D.): The Astronomical Clockmaker Edward Cockey, & other Warminster Horologists
O/P. 320 pages, 370 illus., limited edition of 500 copies, 1998. This book contributes to our knowledge of the Cockey family as well as collating all previously published information. The section on other Warminster clockmakers is also useful. Very good copy, soft bound. (Ref: K247 - G3)

Price: 65.00

Ponsford (C.N.): Devon Clocks and Clockmakers
O/P. 360 pages, 12 figs., 47 plates, 1985. A good book with lots of information about clock and watch making in Devon with notes on Devonshire makers. A good copy with good dust jacket. (Ref: K1288 - D2)

Price: 75.00

Ponsford (C.N.): Time in Exeter
O/P. 200 pages, 50 illustrations, hardback, 1st edition, 1978. A well researched book on the history of 700 years of clockmaking in Exeter. Biographical details are given for more than 300 makers. A good copy with bookplate inside front cover and a dust jacket. (Ref: K812 - D1)

Price: 55.00

Ponsford, Scott & Authers: Clocks and Clockmakers of Tiverton
O/P. 67 pages, 33 illustrations, 2nd edition, 1982. A useful reference for this Devon town. A very good copy. Card covers. (Ref: K1667 - D1)

Price: 16.00

Ponsford, Scott & Authers: Clocks and Clockmakers of Tiverton
O/P. 61 pages plus 3-page index, 1st edition, 1977. A useful reference for this Devon town. A good copy, covers discoloured. Card covers. (Ref: K1370 - BX3)

Price: 14.00

Pook (L.P.): British Domestic Synchronous Clocks 1930 - 1980

Pook (L.P.): British Domestic Synchronous Clocks 1930 - 1980
NEW. 248 pages, illustrated, 2015. A very detailed new book with a wealth of information about British synchronous clockmakers and their clocks. Part I covers the historical background, how synchronous clocks work, details of British manufacturers, and practical advice on servicing. Part II is a gallery of the clocks with photographs and descriptions of clocks from many British manufacturers. This is essential reading for synchronous clock enthusiasts. (Ref: N3757)
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Price: 65.00

[Popular Progress]: British Made Goods for the Watchmaker and Jeweller
O/P. 71 pages, illus., no date (1960's or 1970's ?). A catalogue (not priced) of the 'Popular Progress' brand of tools and materials for the watchmaker and jeweller. Paper covers. (Ref: K3331 - BX16)

Price: 10.00

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