Horological Links



The Antiquarian Horologcial Society (UK)
This society, founded in 1953, publishes 4 issues of the journal Antiquarian Horology annually. Articles are generally about British and European clocks and clockmakers before 1900.


British Horological Institute (UK)
This organisation was founded in 1858 and publishes the Horological Journal monthly. Originally this was a trade organisation for clockmakers and repairers; today membership is open to all.


British Sundial Society (UK)
This society was founded in 1989 and publishes the Bulletin of the British Sundial Society 3 times a year. Membership is international. The Bulletin includes articles of a practical nature as well as recording existing sundials from many countries.


The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers (UK)
This guild was founded in 1631 to regulate the craft of clockmaking in the city of London. It is still in existence today and has a very good museum and library.


North American Sundial Society (Canada & USA)
This society was founded in 1994 and regularly publishes a bulletin. The society has an annual conference.


National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors (USA)
This society was founded in 1943 and publishes the NAWCC Bulletin 6 times a year. Articles are generally about American clocks and watches of all ages.


Scientific Instrument Society (UK)
This society was founded in 1983 and publishes the Bulletin of the Scientific Instrument Society 4 times a year. Articles concentrate on scientific instruments and their makers from Europe and America. Occasionally horological items such as observatory clocks and sundials are mentioned.

Wales & Marches

Wales and Marches Horological Society (UK)
This society was founded in January 1982 and holds three meetings each year. Members meet in an informal atmosphere to exchange ideas on horology, and they are invited to contribute to meetings in formal or informal talks.


Clocks Magazine

Clocks Magazine (UK)
The monthly magazine for clock collectors, repairers and makers worldwide.

Horology - The Index

Horology - The Index (USA)
This is the best reference, to all things horological, worldwide. The index lists horological sites around the world including those not in the English language. If you are looking for information about something horological this is the place to start.


Sundials (UK)
This is a very useful site for information about sundials in general. Information pages include how to set sundials up in the garden and how to convert from solar to mean (clock) time. Check here for the equation of time, longitude correction, etc.

A History of Horology

A History of Horology, Clockmaking, and Watches (USA)
This is a useful site for students new to horology with a wide range of articles on different aspects of timekeeping as well as guides to making a simple sundial and a water clock.