Oval French carriage clock with porcelain panels c1875

French Carriage Clock Circa 1875

This is such a pretty clock! The oval shape and the porcelain panels are delightful.

The clock strikes the hours and half hours and it also has a repeat mechanism. The case has been regilded.

The clock has four Sèvres style blue porcelain panels each with gilt painted and enamel-jewelled borders - see pictures below.

The porcelain panels for the sides are curved; the dial panel is flat and located behind a curved glass.

Back of oval French carriage clock with porcelain panels

In addition to striking the hours and half hours, this clock sounds an alarm on a gong and has its original platform lever escapement.

The clock is numbered 206 on the backplate; all the porcelain panels are similarly numbered on the rear.

The red material that you can see at the bottom of the clock is glued over the circular holes which allow the sound out. This makes sure that the dust is kept out!

Height, with handle up, 7½ inches.

Porcelain side panel

Porcelain back panel

Porcelain side panel

A very similar clock, but with an engraved case is illustrated in Derek Roberts' book Carriage and Other Travelling Clocks, page 171.



Stock No. C909