D. McGregor & Co., Glasgow, Liverpool & London c1890

A good 8-day marine chronometer in a 3-tier rosewood box, signed on the silvered dial D. McGregor & Co Makers to the Admiralty, Glasgow, Liverpool, London. No 7357 Gold Medal Paris 1867 Prize Medals London.1862 Paris.1855.

Duncan McGregor started his business in Greenock in 1836, opened premises in Glasgow in 1844 and traded as D. McGregor & Co. from 1856 onwards. Branches were opened in Liverpool in 1879 and London in 1886. They advertised themselves as manufacturers of nautical, mathematical and optical instruments, chronometers and watches. It is unlikely that McGregor’s made chronometers, the serial number 2519 on the movement indicates that it was made by another business.

The chronometer was in government service for a period as the Admiralty broad arrow is engraved on the dial and repeated on the bottom of the bowl together with H.S.1. Records at Greenwich show that this chronometer was handed in, on loan to the Admiralty, in March 1944. It was overhauled in the Royal Observatory workshops but never issued to a ship. It was returned to its owner in July 1945.

The chronometer is complete with its original winding key and a rating certificate dated May 1981.

The chronometer has an Earnshaw type spring detent escapement, and a compensation balance with circular weights. The movement plates are numbered 2519 as are the escapement sub-frames and the bowl (internally).



The chronometer has subsidiary dials for seconds and state of wind, and blued steel hour and minute hands.

The good rosewood ‘best fancy’ 3-tier box has brass stringing to the top and front, with brass corners, brass key escutcheons, a brass shield to the upper lid, a bone plaque to the middle tier engraved D. Mc.Gregor & Co. Chronometer Makers to the Royal Navy. No. 7357. and recessed brass handles.

The chronometer box measures 8¼” x 8¼” x 8¾” high.



Stock No. C1135

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