C. W. Dixey & Son, London c1920

An 8-day barograph in an oak case with chart drawer below. The barograph is engraved for the retailer C. W. Dixey & Son Opticians to the King 3 New Bond St London W.

The barograph is complete with glass ink bottle and dipper, and a year’s supply of charts.

The oak case has a rectangular base, with bracket feet, and a lift-off cover with bevelled glass. The instrument has retained its original bronze lacquer to the brass base plate and other parts.

This barograph was made by Short and Mason, the major manufacture of barographs in the early 20th century. The clock mechanism is engraved Pat. 3715’02, i.e. patent 3715 granted in 1902 to Short and Mason for a raised clock mechanism and glued on charts.

The bottom of the drum and the top of the drum mount are numbered 2825.

Barograph dimensions 14½ x 8½ x 8¼ inches.

The Dixey family business was established in 1777 and traded as C. W. Dixey & Son from 1863 when Charles Wastell Dixey took his son Adolphus into partnership. The business continued into the 20th century.


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