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Last updated 26 February 2018

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Agius (P.): Ackermann's Regency Furniture & Interiors

Agius (P.): Ackermann's Regency Furniture & Interiors
O/P. 200 pages, 188 plates, 1984. Descriptions and plates reproduced from Rudolph Ackermann's celebrated journal The Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashion and Politics published from 1809 to 1828. These plates provide a visual record of Regency taste and design. A fine copy with excellent dust jacket (a little faded on the spine).

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(Ref: K2033 - A3)

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Baker (H.S.): Furniture Making in the Ancient World - Origins & Evolution 3100 - 475 B.C.
O/P. 351 pages, 16 colour and 474 b&w illustrations, 1966. Based on archaeological discoveries, this book charts the development of furniture in ancient Egypt, the Middle East and the Aegean. A very good copy with fair dust jacket. (Ref: K4106 - CR5)

Price: 15.00

Barnes (N.) & Ilmonen (K.): Clock Cases - A Practical Guide to their Construction, Restoration and Conservation

Barnes (N.) & Ilmonen (K.): Clock Cases - A Practical Guide to their Construction, Restoration and Conservation
NEW. 207 pages, 500 colour illustrations, 2015. A good book for all enthusiasts who are serious about sensitive and sympathetic clock case restoration. The book focuses on wooden cases but also has chapters on stone (marble, slate, limestone) and metal (brass, iron, zinc alloys) cases. With dust jacket. (Ref: N3875)
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Brown (P.):  The Noel Terry Collection of Furniture & Clocks (boxed)

Brown (P.): The Noel Terry Collection of Furniture & Clocks
NEW. 152 pages, 119 colour and 71 b&w illustrations, 1987. A good catalogue of the Terry collection, now owned by the York Civic Trust and on public display at Fairfax House, York. The collection includes barometers by Quare, Hallifax of Doncaster and Agar of York. The clocks include fine examples by Edward East, Joseph Knibb, Henry Jones, Tompion, Quare, Windmills, George Graham and Robert Anderson of Liverpool. The hardback edition, with dust jacket, all still in publisher's original cardboard box. (Ref: N2806)
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Bryant (D.): Wooden Clock Cases
O/P. 159 pages, illustrated, 1994. An excellent book, the best on the subject, with detailed scale drawings for making cases for English bracket, wall and longcase clocks. Plans are also included for a Black Forest wall clock, a cuckoo clock and a 19th century 'Vienna' regulator. A very good copy (owner's inscription on front end paper) of the hardback first edition. (Ref: K1566 - D3)

Price: 35.00

Cescinsky (H.):  English Furniture of the Eighteenth Century (3 volume set)

Cescinsky (H.): English Furniture of the Eighteenth Century (3 volume set)
O/P. 3 volumes, in total over 1100 pages and 1162 b&w illustrations, published 1909 - 1911. This is the classic work on English furniture providing a wealth of information and is a must for all enthusiasts. Vol. 1 devotes 115 pages to longcase and bracket clocks. A good set, the original half leather binding tight but a little rubbed and faded to spine as usual, leather worn on corners. As good a set as you will find in the original binding.

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(Ref: K64 - W2)
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Chippendale (T.): The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director
O/P. vi, 22p, 200 plates, 3rd edition, reprinted 1966. Chippendale's designs influenced furniture makers during his lifetime and beyond, this book includes his designs for clock cases. A clean copy internally, edges of page block now a bit stained. Card covers. (Ref: K3986 - E4)

Price: 12.00

[Christie's]: The Samuel Messer Collection of English Furniture, Clocks and Barometers
O/P. 181 pages, illustrated, 1991. The Christie's sale catalogue of a famous collection totalling 130 lots. The clocks include the Barnard Tompion, and other examples by Tompion, Fromanteel, Knibb, Graham and Ellicott. The barometers include fabulous examples by Delander, Quare and Halifax. The furniture includes several items attributed to Thomas Chippendale. Good copy, hardback with dust jacket. [Sale @ King Street, London 05/12/1991] (Ref: A178)

Price: 25.00

Edwards (R.): The Shorter Dictionary of English Furniture
O/P. 684 pages, 1900 illustrations, reprinted 1983. A useful guide to English furniture from the Middle Ages through to the late Georgian period. The book includes a section on clock cases. A very good copy (two bruised corners). (Ref: K4149 - P1)

Price: 15.00

Frgnac (C.) & Meuvret (J.): French Cabinetmakers of the Eighteenth Century
O/P. 344 pages, illustrated, 1963. A detailed and well illustrated study on French cabinetmakers and their work during the Regency, Louis XV and Louis XVI periods. A good copy (with library stamp on endpapers and title page) with fair dust jacket. (Ref: K4103 - CR5)

Price: 20.00

Goodison (N.): Gillow's Clock Cases
O/P. [16 pages], 6 plates, 1968. A very useful reprint of an article that first appeared in Antiquarian Horology with details of Gillow's clock case designs and their costs, extracted from the surviving Gillow's workshop records. An excellent copy, paper covers. (Ref: K1760 - BX14)

Price: 15.00

Grandjean (S.): Empire Furniture 1800 to 1825
O/P. 120 pages + 4 colour and 96 b&w plates, 1966. A useful guide to French furniture made during the Empire period. Good copy with fair dust jacket. (Ref: K4104)

Price: 10.00

Himmelheber (G.): Biedermeier Furniture
O/P. 115 pages + 4 colour and 115 b&w plates, 1974. A useful guide to German and Austrian furniture of the Beidermeier period from 1815 to 1840. A very good copy with good dust jacket. (Ref: K4105 -)

Price: 15.00

John Jewsbury & Co.: Designs in Antique Brassfoundry (Furniture Fittings, Etc.)
O/P. 60 pages, illustrated, + 15 page price list. Not dated but probably published in 1st quarter of 20th century. An interesting catalogue of brass fittings for furniture and clocks - handles, escutcheons, knobs, hinges, finials, locks, clock dials, clock dial spandrels and clock case fittings. A good copy, binding a bit loose, one page detached, one page with piece cut out. (Ref: K1774 - BX4)

Price: 45.00

Jourdain (M.): Regency Furniture 1795 - 1820
O/P. 111 pages, 173 illustrations, 1st edition, 1934. A well respected book and still worth reading. Regency furniture is elegant in design and proportion with attractive use of veneers and inlays. Good copy, trivial foxing, light wear to covers. (Ref: K3383 - R3)

Price: 15.00

Macquoid (P.): A History of English Furniture (4 volumes)

Macquoid (P.): A History of English Furniture (4 volumes)
O/P. One of the classic works on English furniture covering the period 1500 to 1820, published in 4 volumes as follows:
The Age of Oak: 243 pages, 15 plates, 215 figs., 1919.
The Age of Walnut: 245 pages, 15 plates, 223 figs., 1919.
The Age of Mahogany: 271 pages, 15 plates, 253 figs., 1919.
The Age of Satinwood: 260 pages, 15 plates, 243 figs., 1919.
Generally a good copy, with minor damage to top of spine on two volumes, a few bumped corners and the red cloth now darkened with age. Bindings tight. [Heavy book - weighs 12.0 kg]

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(Ref: K1248 - E7)

Price: 395.00

Macquoid (P.): A History of English Furniture - The Age of Walnut (only)
O/P. 247 pages, 15 plates, 223 figs., 1905. One of the classic works on English furniture. Generally a good copy, covers stained and faded, corners bruised, binding a little loose. (Ref: K3380 - M3)

Price: 45.00

McNeil (I.): Joseph Bramah - A Century of Invention 1749 - 1851
O/P. 216 pages, figs., 23 plates, 1968. Joseph Bramah was a successful inventor and engineer, best known for the Bramah lock. His most useful invention however was the uses for hydraulic power and the hydraulic press. Good copy with worn dust jacket. (Ref: K4384 - L2)

Price: 10.00

Rodd (J.): Repairing and Restoring Antique Furniture
O/P. 240 pages, illustrated, reprinted 1988. A good book by a professional restorer on the 6 basic steps in restoration - dismantling, cleaning joints, restoring components, gluing up, levelling and sandpapering, colouring and polishing. A very good copy, with very good dust jacket. (Ref: K2187 - C3)

Price: 5.00

Sheraton (T.): Thomas Sheraton's Classical Revival Furniture Designs
O/P. 238 pages, 98 plates, dated 1972 but I am sure this is a more recent printing. The Dover edition of Sheraton's The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing-Book 1791 - 1794 including all the furniture plates, with accompanying text, from various editions with an introduction by Joseph Aronson. A pristine copy. Card covers. (Ref: K2212 - A2)

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