Welcome to Shentonbooks website

We have decided to retire from the bookselling business and wish to thank all our customers for their business over many years. We have sold our entire stock of books to fellow specialist Jeffrey Formby Antiques in Gloucestershire.

With increasing work commitments outside of the sphere of horology, and increasingly insufficient time to dedicate to the book business we have reluctantly decided that the time has come to pass on the legacy and reputation of the business. In deciding to sell to Jeff Formby it has helped us ensure that the legacy of a good, friendly, specialist horological bookseller is available into future years for horologistsí.

Nigel, Paul & Sue Shenton


Welcome to Jeffrey Formby Antiques website.

We specialise in English clocks and books on clocks, watches and scientific instruments. Our existing stock is all online and can be ordered directly from our secure website. Books purchased from Shenton Books are being catalogued and added to the website on a daily basis, but this will take sometime. We are working as quick as we can!

If there is anything specific you are looking for please let me know, and we will let you know as soon as we find it.

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