I am currently busy purchasing several collections of good out-of-print and second-hand books. Some of the more interesting titles just catalogued are included on this newsletter and, in a few days time, I will be collecting more books including several of the classical French language titles and works by Tardy. Once catalogued all the new arrivals will be listed on our recent additions page.

New Books:

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Siegfried Bergmann

NEW. An excellent new book, superbly illustrated, about Comtoise clocks (also known as Morbier and Morez clocks) which were produced in the Franche Comté region of France for about 230 years. The book concentrates on the movements and dials, not the cases, and should enable enthusiasts to date their clocks to within a few years. With dust jacket. [German language]

480 pages, 430 colour illustrations, 2005.

£85.00 Order Here

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"Vienna Regulators" of Lenzkirch and Lorenz Bob ca. 1870
Dana J. Blackwell

NEW. A reprint of the oldest known Lenzkirch catalogue illustrations together with those from a Lorenz Bob catalogue of similar date. This edition has an additional 24 pages showing many early Lenzkirch models not found in the 1870's catalogue. The book includes an introduction, historical essay and suggestions for the care of Vienna regulators, by the author. Soft covers.

144 pages, illustrated, 2nd edition, 1990.

£10.00 Order Here

Chayette (H.), Sabrier (J.-C.) & Turner (A.): Breguet chez Chayette
NEW. £35.00 Order Here

Dzik (W.H.): Engraving on English Table Clocks: Art on a Canvas of Brass, 1660-1800
NEW. £75.00 Order Here

Harris (J. Carter): The Clock and Watch Makers American Advertiser - Being a compilation of Advertisements of the Trade, including those of the Mathematical and Philosophical Instrument Makers, Published in the News-Papers of the American Colonies and States, from A.D. 1707 to 1800
NEW. £36.00 Order Here

Knirim (K.): British Military Timepieces / Uhren der britischen Streitkräfte
NEW. £125.00 less 10% Order Here

Leeuwen (P. van) (editor): Going Dutch The Invention of the Pendulum Clock
NEW. £19.50 Order Here

Marshall (T.): Buckinghamshire Clock & Watchmakers
NEW. £48.00 Order Here

Ortenburger (R.): Black Forest Clocks
NEW. £66.50 Order Here

Radage (D.), Meinen (W.) & Radage (L.): Charles Gretton - Clock & Watchmaking - Through the Golden Age
NEW. £75.00 Order Here

Robey (J.): The Longcase Clock Reference Book
NEW. £120.00 less 10 % Order Here

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Antique Office machines: 600 Years of Calculating Devices
Thomas A. Russo

NEW. This book opens with a history of calculating devices from the abacus to the electronic computer, but is mainly about mechanical adding machines, counters and calculators developed in the late 19th and first half of the 20th centuries. There are also chapters on slide rules, the early electronic calculators and early computers.

224 pages, illustrated, 2001.

£33.50 Order Here

Stimson (A.N.) & Daniel (C.StJ.H.): The Cross Staff - Historical Development and Modern Use
NEW. £5.00 Order Here

Treffry (T.) & Treffry (A.) (editors): BHI 150
NEW. £60.00 Order Here

Woodrow (J.): Clockmakers of Beccles
NEW. £4.25 Order Here

Out of Print Books:

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Montres et Horlogers Exceptionnels de la Vallée de Joux Volume I
Daniel Aubert

O/P. The first volume of a detailed history of watchmaking in the Vallée de Joux area of Switzerland from its origins to the present time. The industry's innovations and achievements are described in detail. This volume includes chapters about Aubert Frères, Emile Lecoultre, François Lecoultre, Charles-Ami Lecoultre-Piguet, astronomical watch Dent No. 32573 and equation watch Breguet No. 4377. A fine copy. [French language]

203 pages, illustrated, 1993.

£60.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Belmont (H.L.): La Montre Méthodes & Outillages de Fabrication du XVIe au XIXe Siècle
O/P. £70.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Britten (F.J.): Old English Clocks - The Wetherfield Collection (1980 edition)
O/P. £70.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Cardinal (C.) & Mercier (F.): Museums of Horology - La Chaux-de-Fonds & Le Locle
O/P. £20.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Chamberlain (P.M.): It's About Time (1964 reprint)
O/P. £70.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Crom (T.R.): Horological Shop Tools 1700 to 1900
O/P. £175.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

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Thomas Tompion at the Dial and Three Crowns
Jeremy Evans

O/P. The book includes a concise checklist of the clocks, watches and instruments from the Tompion worksho. ps, including the work of George Graham and other makers who were also apprenticed to Tompion. The book is the result of over 25 years work recording, researching and documenting the life, times and work of one of the world's most famous clockmakers. A fine copy with fine dust jacket.

130 pages, 110 illustrations many in colour, 2006.

£75.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Fallet (E.): La Mesure du Temps en Mer et les Horlogers Suisses
O/P. £60.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Grossmann (M.): Der freie Ankergang für Uhren - Praktische und theoretische Abhandlung
O/P. £15.00 Order Here * One copy only *

[Houses of Parliament]: Big Ben and the Elizabeth Tower - Official guide
O/P. £5.00 Order Here

Kemp (R.): The Fusee Lever Watch
O/P. £55.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Norgate (M.): Directory of Hampshire Clockmakers
O/P. £90.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Pritchard (K.H.): Swiss Timepiece Makers 1775 - 1975 (2 volumes)
O/P. £650.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Smith (J.): Horological Disquisitions (facsimile reprint 1962)
O/P. £75.00 Order Here

Strike One Ltd: English Dial Clocks - An Exhibition
O/P. £10.00 Order Here

White (G.): English Lantern Clocks
O/P. £375.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

We will have more good books to tempt you with next month, so until then, stay safe and happy reading.

With best wishes,

Jeff & Ros Formby

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