Clockmaking in Oxfordshire 1400 - 1850

Author: C.F.C. Beeson

222 pages, 34 plates, portrait, folding map.

Dr Beeson's Clockmaking in Oxfordshire 1400 - 1850 was first published in 1962, jointly by the Antiquarian Horolgical Society as Monograph no. 2 and by the Banbury Historical Society as Records vol. 4. The second edition, a reprint of the first with the addition of a supplement (Part Three), was published in 1967 by the Museum of the History of Science, to which the author had recently given his collection of Oxfordshire clocks. The book had been out of print for some years, though there had been a steady demand for it both from horological historians and collectors and from local people.

The present, thrid edition was prepared to meet this demand, and to mark the centenary of the author's birth. To a reprint of the second edition are added an Introduction - including an account of the author's life - and an extensive new Index. Otherwise, apart from some very minor adjustments, the text and pagination of the main part of the book (pages 11 - 193) are unchanged from preceding editions.