Spring-driven Dutch Pendulum Clocks 1657-1710

Author: Dr. R. Plomp

251 pages, 134 clocks illustrated.

This book deals with the early Dutch pendulum clock. In 1657 the Hague clockmaker Samuel Coster obtained the exclusive right to make and sell pendulum clocks constructed according to the invention of Christiaan Huygens. These spring-driven clocks were the prototypes of what are now known as Hague clocks. These characteristic clocks were made during a period of about 50 years, the period covered by this study. This book is the first devoted to Hague clocks. Their short history is carefully explained on the basis of an extensive investigation of all the evidence available.

This book consists of three parts. In Part I the historical development is described. This part includes a chapter on early French pendulum clocks; no other foreign clocks reveal so strikingly their descent from the first Dutch pendulum clocks. Part II presents, in alphabetical order of their makers' names, documentation on and reproductions of 134 Dutch clocks. Part III, the shortest part, is an attempt to develop an objective dating system for Hague clocks.

This comprehensive study of such an important chapter of the history of pendulum clocks is an essential source for all who are interested in the Dutch contribution to clockmaking. For many years it will be the standard source on the subject. Its publication will be particularly welcome to all who meet Hague clocks on their way, be it as a dealer, a connoisseur, or a collector.