Clock and Watch Escapements

Author: W.J. Gazeley

294 pages, illus.

Newly available after many years of being out-of-print, W.J. Gazeley's Clock and Watch Escapements is widely regarded as a classic horological text. Basing the book on a lifetime's experience in the clock and watch-making trade, the author provides detailed instructions for making all types of escapements and for the location and correction of faults.

This book will be invaluable to all who are interested in the mechanism of clocks and watches, both the craftsperson responsible for the upkeep and repair and the collector seeking information about their history.

The book naturally falls into two parts. Part 1, Clock Escapements, covers the verge escapement, the recoil escapement, the dead-beat escapement, the gravity escapement, the chronometer dead-beat escapement, and platform escapements. Part 2, Watch Escapements, deals with the verge escapement, the Mudge remontoire escapement, the cylinder escapement, the virgule escapement, the duplex escapement, the chronometer escapement, the depth tool, and polishing.