The English Fusee Lever Pocket Watch - Its History, Development, Service and Repair
Author: Christopher S. Barrow

160 pages, illustrated

Following on from the success of his three previous books Chris Barrow has produced another clear and concise guide aimed again at the enthusiastic amateur.

This book concentrates on one particular type of watch, namely the English fusee lever. It combines a brief history of the development of the watch with a step-by-step manual covering the dismantling, cleaning, repair and reassembly of a variety of English fusee lever movements made during the nineteenth century.

If you have acquired a pocket watch of this type, and would like to investigate its workings, perhaps with a view to getting it going again, then this book will help you step by step to reach that goal. It will also give you a better appreciation of the beauty of both the design and technology of the English fusee lever pocket watch.