An Introductory Guide to Repairing Mechanical Clocks

Author: Scott Jeffery

224 pages, 424 colour photographs

This up-to-date, clearly written and beautifully illustrated book is targeted at the amateur repairer and at the absolute beginner with no experience, as well as at hobbyists who often dabble with, but have little knowledge of, the techniques used in quality horological work.

Written by a professional clock repairer with a common sense approach, this workshop companion for the beginner 'keeps things simple' whilst placing an emphasis on the quality of the work. It provides step-by-step illustrated instructions and simplifies a large variety of tasks that are often regarded as being complicated, such as re-pivoting, jewelling and bushing. Moreover, it presents a great deal of useful advice and contains over 400 high quality colour images that help to explain and clarify every procedure that is covered.

This informative book provides a wide-ranging introduction to the practical art of repairing mechanical clocks. The author, who assumes that the reader has little knowledge of horology, provides a clear basic understanding of many complex subjects and presents a no-nonsense guide to rectifying the common faults found in mechanical clocks.

* Includes a full account of the tools needed to competently repair a clock

* Considers the theory behind how clocks work and explains why they develop faults

* Discusses how to assess and dismantle your first clock

* Examines commom repairs and the theory behind them

* Demonstrates the methods used to clean a clock movement

* Covers oiling and clock reassembly

* Explores the techniques that can be used to thoroughly test a clock after it has been repaired

* Present valuable after-care advice for the clock owner

* Includes plans for making a reliable clock test stand