Vacheron Constantin - Artists of Time

Author: Franco Cologni

353 pages, illustrated 2015

The world's oldest still operating watch manufacture, Vacheron Constantin celebrates its 260th anniversary in 2015. From the time of its very first watch manufactured around 1755 to today's extraordinary mechanical timekeeping creations, the renowned brand from Geneva has never ceased to offer exceptional timepieces.

From grand complication models acquired by passionate collectors such as Kings Fouad and Farouk of Egypt and carmaker James Ward Packard, to its undisputed specialty ultra-thin watches and timepieces combining elegance and sporty chic like the Overseas and the supremely refined modern collections like Patrimony and Harmony, Vacheron Constantin highlights the idea of watchmaking as sculpture with countless masterpieces of time marking its long, uninterrupted history.

Throughout the world, watch lovers still fight over prestigeous pieces as they did in years gone by - pieces designed to both seduce the eye and provide the most precise measurement of time. Illustrated by stunning photos take uniquely for the occasion, this book tells the story of Vacheron Constantin's history and offers a look at the brand's secrets; virtuosity, the highest standards of watchmaking excellence, and traditional crafts blended with modern technology in a manner that is unique the world over.