The Perigal and Duterrau Watch and Clockmakers
Perigal & Duterrau Watch and Clockmakers to the King

Author: Nicolette Reichhold

82 pages, 6 illustrations.

In 18th and 19th century London there were several watch and clockmakers from the Perigal and Duterrau families. This book describes the relationships between the two families including biographical and genealogical details, their various firms and some of the clocks and watches that they produced.

The Perigal clock and watchmakers, for example, were famous for their high quality watches and clocks, exported across the world to places such as China, Jamaica, and the Ottoman Empire.

Francis Perigal of New Bond Street and the firm of Perigal & Duterrau that he founded receive particular attention, looking at, for example, the identities of some of their customers, the Royal Warrants received by the partners and details of twenty-two watches manufactured by the firm.