An 8-day oak longcase clock by John Owen, Llanwrst c1765

John Owen, Llanrwst c1765

An 8-day oak longcase clock, with starburst inlay to the door, signed on the silvered chapter ring John Owen Llanrwst.

John Owen was born in 1719, married Elizabeth Jones in 1746 and died in 1776. Watkin Owen, John’s son, was also a clockmaker. For more information about this maker, see the book: The Clockmakers of Llanrwst by Colin and Mary Brown.

The clock strikes the hours on a bell and has a date aperture in the 13” square dial.

The case is typical of Llanrwst clockcase making, with heavy oak timbers and a backboard of local timber – in this case chestnut or possibly sycamore.

The flat-topped hood has freestanding pillars (replaced) with a blind fret above.

The clock has a starburst to the door, a thin applied panel to the base and stands on ogee shaped feet.

The clock is 7’ high.

Dial of longcase clock by John Owen, Llanwrst c1765

The 5-pillar movement, with anchor escapement, has an unusual form of rack striking which is typical of John Owen’s work.




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