John Trotter Ltd c1930

An 8-day barograph in an oak case with chart drawer below.

The barograph is engraved for the retailer John Trotter Ltd 40, Gordon St. Glasgow. 100, George St. Edinburgh.

An 8-day barograph by John Trotter Ltd. c1930

The barograph is complete with its original glass ink bottle and dipper, and a year’s supply of charts. The light oak case has a rectangular base, with bun feet, and a hinged cover with bevelled glass. The instrument has retained its original lacquer to the brass base plate and other parts.

This barograph was made by Short and Mason, the major manufacture of barographs in the early 20th century.

The clock mechanism is engraved Pat. 3715.02, i.e. patent 3715 granted in 1902 to Short and Mason for a raised clock mechanism and glued on charts. The aneroid mechanism is engraved Tycos, a Short and Mason trade name.

Dimensions 14˝ x 8˝ x 9 inches.

An 8-day barograph by John Trotter Ltd. c1930


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